Kross Companies Statistics


The Kross Group has a reach to over 40 million uniques weekly via the internet, 110 million cume terrestrial, and a combined monthly total reaching over 239 million people utilizing our multi-media Kross Companies under The Kross Group. We connect with the world through the internet, (websites, online streaming) radio-AM/FM, Sirius/XM satellite, syndication, live concerts, events, mobile applications, iPads, smart phones, and we can even connect through navigation systems from Tom Tom to Garmin and more.

Our dedicated team ensures that each campaign is targeted with absolute perfection to ensure successful growth for all. With offices in NYC, Los Angeles and a determined team of highly experienced professionals, The Kross Group has built a global network reaching its international networth. To purse your dreams, or be involved in one of ours, please feel free to contact us and speak to one of our friendly investments advisors today.


The Kross Group was founded by Mr. PhiLL Kross+. Today, Mr. Kross+ still resides as the Founder/CEO and continues to over see all aspects of The Kross Group. As an entrepreneur, Mr. Kross+ is always on the look out for innovative ideas that will travel far and play wide. If you would like to get involved in an investment opportunity, or have an innovative concept, please drop us a line. Enlighten us with your innovation(s), or let The Kross Group illuminate you, (Contact Us).